Ping pong balls as sound absorbers for low frequency noise

Experimental setup and numerical fashion of sound transmission via an acoustic floor in line with perforated ping-pong balls. Credit score: Sabat et al.

Lengthy-term publicity to low-frequency noise could cause many well being issues, however the answer is also present in an sudden object: a ping-pong ball. Historically considered hole plastic balls that shoot briefly in the course of the air right through a fast paced recreation of desk tennis, with a couple of adjustments, ping pong balls can lend a hand soak up the noise of town.

Low-frequency noise is ubiquitous in towns, close to roads and airports. Even supposing they is also heard as background within the soundscape, they may be able to reason ear ache, breathing impairment, inflammation, and different long-term destructive results. As a result of it’s produced through a variety of resources and is much less suffering from constructions than high-frequency sound, averting low-frequency noise may also be tough.

Researchers from the College of Lille and the Nationwide Technical College of Athens describe an acoustic floor that makes use of ping-pong balls as Helmholtz resonators to create affordable however efficient low-frequency sound insulation.

The find out about, “Low-Frequency Sound Isolation through a Metasurface of Helmholtz Ping-Pong Ball Resonators,” seems in Magazine of Carried out Physics.

“Ping-pong balls are commonplace, on a regular basis gadgets present in massive numbers in every single place the arena,” mentioned writer Robyn Sabat. “Our motivation was once to make use of those simply available gadgets to create a low-frequency dielectric plate construction. Thus, ping pong balls be offering a cheap choice to acoustic insulators in relation to low price and attainable recyclability.”

Acoustic surfaces are fabrics particularly designed to take care of sound waves. This metasurface makes use of hole ping-pong balls with small holes punched in each and every, to fashion Helmholtz resonators.

“The Helmholtz resonator has the original skill to appropriately pick out up ambient sound waves at their herbal frequency and may also be represented as cavities attached to their surroundings by the use of a slender neck,” Sabat mentioned. “The originality of the paintings was once to imagine the coupling impact between two resonators, which provides upward thrust to a resonant frequency.”

Extra resonant frequencies supposed the tool was once ready to take in extra sound. When two of the coupled resonators labored, the researchers added extra, till their tool resembled a sq. sheet of perforated ping-pong balls, doubling the selection of resonant frequencies that may be absorbed.

Through adjusting the selection of balls, selection of holes, and hollow measurement, the researchers can exchange the acoustic houses of the metasurface, proving that it’s imaginable to design a sound-absorbing panel with out dear fabrics.

“The opportunity of those leap forward surfaces extends past sound insulation,” Sabat mentioned. “It may be expanded to succeed in quite a lot of purposes very similar to different metasurfaces. Those purposes come with acoustic focusing, unconventional sound mirrored image, sound transmission processing, and extra.”

additional info:
Ruben Sabat et al., Low-frequency sound isolation through a metasurface of ping-pong ball Helmholtz resonators, Magazine of Carried out Physics (2023). doi: 10.1063/5.0160267

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