Fireproof and non-flammable polymer electrolyte gel for lithium-ion batteries

Schematic symbol appearing the foundations of operation of non-flammable gel electrolytes. Credit score: Ulsan Nationwide Institute of Science and Generation

A collaborative analysis staff has accomplished a significant step forward in battery generation. Their step forward in creating a non-flammable polymer gel electrolyte (GPE) will revolutionize the protection of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) by means of mitigating the dangers of thermal runaway and fireplace incidents.

The analysis used to be led by means of Professor Hyun Kwon Music at UNIST’s Faculty of Power and Chemical Engineering, Dr Web optimization Hyun Jung from the Complex Strong point Chemical compounds Analysis Middle on the Korea Analysis Institute of Chemical Generation (KRICT), and Dr Tae-Hee Kim from the KRICT’s Ulsan Complex Power Generation Analysis and Building Middle. Korean Power Analysis Institute (KIER). The consequences had been printed in ACS Power Letters.

Previously, the possible flammability of LIBs has raised important considerations, particularly in electrical automobiles, the place fireplace dangers pose a major danger to underground parking. To deal with this crucial drawback, the analysis staff has effectively evolved a pioneering semi-solid, non-flammable polymer electrolyte, offering a promising strategy to mitigate battery fires.

Historically, nonflammable electrolytes have relied in large part at the incorporation of flame retardant components or solvents with exceptionally prime boiling issues. Then again, those strategies incessantly led to a vital lower in ionic conductivity, which used to be adverse to the entire efficiency of the electrolyte.

Of their superb analysis, the staff presented a tiny quantity of the polymer, making a semi-solid electrolyte. This new method considerably higher lithium-ion conductivity by means of 33% in comparison to current liquid electrolytes. Moreover, pouch-type batteries incorporating this non-flammable semi-solid electrolyte confirmed a vital 110% development in lifestyles traits, successfully fighting needless electrolyte interactions throughout the formation and operation of the cast electrolyte interphase (SEI) layer.

Nail Penetration of NCM811 650mAh Pouch Cells||Graphite. (A to C) Voltage and temperature profiles (D to F). Credit score: Ulsan Nationwide Institute of Science and Generation

The principle good thing about this leading edge electrolyte lies in its remarkable efficiency and incombustibility. Via suppressing radical chain reactions with gas compounds throughout the combustion procedure, the semi-solid polymer electrolyte successfully prevents battery fires. The analysis staff demonstrated the distinction of the evolved polymer thru quantitative research of its talent to stabilize and suppress roots.

Jihong Jeong (Faculty of Power and Chemical Engineering, UNIST) stated: “The interplay between the polymerized subject material throughout the battery and the risky solvent permits us to successfully suppress radical chain reactions. Via electrochemical dimension, this step forward will very much give a contribution to figuring out the mechanism of non-flammable electrolytes.”

Co-first writer Medium Kim, a grasp’s scholar at UNIST’s Faculty of Power and Chemical Engineering and the Korea Analysis Institute of Chemical Generation (KRICT), additionally showed the phenomenal protection of the battery itself thru quite a lot of experiments. The staff’s complete method integrated making use of the non-flammable semi-solid electrolyte to bag-type batteries, making sure that the non-combustibility of the electrolyte used to be evaluated to incorporate sensible battery packages.

“The multidisciplinary composition of the analysis staff, which contains electrochemistry from UNIST, polymer synthesis from the KRICT Analysis Middle for Complex Strong point Chemical compounds, and battery protection trying out by means of the Ulsan Analysis and Building Middle for Complex Power Generation on the Korea Power Analysis Institute (KIER), performed a task in Instrumental in “making this step forward,” Professor Music mentioned. “Using non-flammable semi-solid electrolytes, which will also be built-in at once into current battery meeting processes, will boost up the commercialization of more secure batteries one day.”

additional information:
Jihong Jeong et al., Non-combustible fireplace retardant polymer gel electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries, ACS Power Letters (2023). doi: 10.1021/acsenergylett.3c01128

Equipped by means of Ulsan Nationwide Institute of Science and Generation

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